Farm Concrete Grant

Farm Concrete Grant
Service / Farm Concrete Grant

S.100 is the minimum concrete specification required for the construction of agricultural structures in Ireland for compliance with the EU


The first grade,
S.100 (Mix A) C35/45

Must be used for concrete for silage pits and walls, silage aprons and silage effluent channels and stores.


The second grade,
S.100 (Mix B) C30/37

Must be used for concrete for all other purposes on the farm.

Foundations & Hardcore:

Concrete slabs should only be poured on a solid, properly constructed foundation. The work area should be stripped to provide a suitably stable base, backfilled with hardcore and properly compacted. In cases where aggregate (fill) is purchased, it shall be certified to EN 13242 and meet the requirements of Annex E of SR21. It is important when ordering aggregate (fill) that this specification is clearly communicated to the supplier. 

Disclaimer: This document is for general guidance only. Readers are advised to consult the relevant standards and specifications and obtain appropriate professional advice when necessary. 

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