Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete
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Kilcarrig Quarries Ltd. produces a wide range of high-quality concrete strength classes to meet your specification requirements. Kilcarrig Quarries batching plant uses the latest Alkon Batching Software to accurately weigh and batch our mix-design concrete.

Ready Mix Concrete

We supply the Residential, Commercial, and Agriculture sectors with a variety of ready-mix concrete produced from our quarry products.

Standard mixes are available in the strength classes listed in Table 1. All mixes can be supplied with 20mm or 10mm aggregate. We are capable of producing large volumes for large industrial infrastructure pours while also catering for smaller volumes.

Kilcarrig Quarries produce a cementitious-based Pumpable Liquid Floor Screed for the Underfloor Heating market. This Screed is made from a prescribed blend of washed sand, cement, specialist admixtures and fibre reinforcement. The advantage of our Floor Screeds over a Traditional Concrete Screed is that the placement method is quicker and can be placed in finished structures the same as a Hemihydrate Screed. However, unlike Hemihydrate Screed which can be problematic if exposed to water after placement, our cement-based Screeds are not affected in the same way when fully cured. This Screed combines the ease of placement of a liquid screed with the durability of cementitious-based materials. This Screed is placed by an experienced specialist contractor to ensure a quality and consistent finish. A typical Two-Storey Dwelling can be placed in a number of hours.


Kilcarrig Quarries supplies Cement Bound Granular Material

CBGM can be used on anything from country roads, airfields, ports, harbours, and motorways. In most environments, it is used to form the foundation or base of a pavement. It is often overlaid by a flexible pavement (known as composite) or it can be block paved (as seen at some ports/harbours).CBGM (cement-bound granular material) is a cost-effective way to build a heavy-duty, durable pavement


  1. Pavement construction
  2. CBGM is typically used to form foundations or pavement bases.

Volume Calculator

Total Volume 0.000m
Gravel being applied by machinery
Cement Bound Granular Material

A full range of standard and specialist admixtures are available when required/specified for our concrete. These range from water-reducing agents, retarders, HRWA, accelerators to plasticizers, shrinkage-reducing, waterproofing, and also air-entrainment. These provide a number of beneficial effects when used alone or in combination to enhance the properties of the concrete eg. increasing workability, strength, durability or open time. Fibre reinforcement is also available which ranges from basic plastic shrinkage crack control to structural requirements.

All concrete is delivered by our company-owned fleet of trucks which consist of standard rigid truck mixers. We also have specialist trucks which facilitate the placing of concrete using remote control telescopic chutes or conveyor belt for elevated pours.
For further information please contact a member of our sales team who can assist you with any other information you may need.

Strength Classes Available

Strength Class D Max Mix Name Strength Class D Max Mix Name
C8/10 20mm 10N20 C8/10 10mm 10N10
C12/15 20mm 15N20 C12/15 10mm 15N10
C16/20 20mm 20N20 C16/20 10mm 20N10
C20/25 20mm 25N20 C20/25 10mm 25N10
C25/30 20mm 30N20 C25/30 10mm 30N10
C28/35 20mm 35N20 C28/35 10mm 35N10
C30/37 20mm 37N20 C30/37 10mm 37N10
C32/40 20mm 40N20 C32/40 10mm 40N10
C35/45 20mm 45N20 C35/45 10mm 45N10
C40/50 20mm 50N20 C40/50 10mm 50N10

Exposure Classes for Ready-Mix Concrete

No risk of
Corrosion attack
Carbonation-induced corrosion Chloride-induced corrosion Freeze/thaw
Aggressive Chemical
Sea water Chloride other
than sea water
X0 XC1 XC2 XC3 XC4 XS1 XS2 XS3 XD1 XD2 XD3 XF1 XF2 XF3 XF4 XA1 XA2 XA3
  • Floor Mix
  • Pump Mix
  • Water Tight Concrete
  • Fibre Reinforced Concrete
  • Self Compacting Concrete
  • GGBS low carbon concrete available on request
  • Full design provided for steel fibre-reinforced concrete slabs
  • Full range of specialist admixtures also available. HRWRA, Retarder etc.
  • Trowel Ready Mortar
  • Traditional Roughcast Wet Dash 6mm / ¼”
  • Traditional Roughcast Wet Dash 10mm / ⅜”

Additional Concrete Information

  • Kerb Mix Concrete
  • Polished Concrete
  • Waterproof Concrete
  • Low Water/Cement Ratio
  • Slip Form Concrete
  • Coloured Concrete
  • Chemical Resistance Concrete
  • Freeze-Thaw Resistance Concrete
  • Agricultural Concrete
  • Cold Weather Accelerated Concrete

Additional Concrete Information

  • Kerb Mix Concrete
  • Polished Concrete
  • Waterproof Concrete
  • Low Water/Cement Ratio

Remote Control Hydraulic Chutes

  • Maximum Horizontal Reach: 28ft
  • Maximum Vertical Reach: Gravity Flow

Truck Mounted Concrete Conveyor

  • Maximum Horizontal Reach: 30ft
  • Maximum Vertical Reach: 14ft

Remote Control Truck Mounted Crane with Hydraulically Controlled Discharge Skip

  • Maximum Horizontal Reach: 35ft
  • Maximum Vertical Reach: 16ft