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Name Technical Data Material Safety Data Performance Certificates Guidance Docs
Energy & Environment The A-rated Energy-Efficient The A-rated Energy-Efficient Wind Energy Leaflet EcocEm GGBS cement  
Concrete Block CE & DOP Cavity Block CE & DOP Solid Block CE & DOP Standard Solid Specials CE & DOP    
SR21 Fill Material DOP SR21 Fill Material DOP        
SR21 Fill Material CE 4mm Fill Material CE 31.5mm Fill Material CE 125mm Fill Material CE 40mm Fill Material CE  
Plastering Sand DOP Plastering Sand DOP        
SR16 Concrete Sand DOP 2mm Concrete Sand DOP        
SR16 Concrete Aggregates CE & DOP 6.3mm CE 14mm CE 20mm CE Concrete Aggregates DOP  
Prestessed Lintles Load Span 100 mm Lintles 150 mm Lintles 215 mm Lintles Pre-stressed Composite Lintels  
Prestessed Lintles 6.3mm Lintles DOP 6.3mm Lintles CE      
Pea Gravel 6.3mm Pea Gravel CE 6.3mm Pea Gravel DOP      
Irish Water Spec CE 4-10mm Irish Water DOP4-10mm Irish Water      
Clean & Crushed Rock DOP DOP 22mm QM22/0/CR DOP 75mm QM75/22/CCR DOP 75mm QM75/0/CR DOP 100mm QM100/65/CR DOP QMC804
Clean & Crushed Rock CE CE 22mm 13242:2002 + A1:2007 CE 75mm 12620:2002+A1:2008 CE 75mm 13242:2002 + A1:2007 CE 100mm 13242:2002 + A1:2007 CE 31.5mm 13242:2002 + A1:2007
NSAI Cert Milford Concrete Precast Concrete EN 206:2013 Concrete EN 206:2013 Stairs EN 14843:2007. SLATS EN 13225:2013 Hollowcore Slabs EN 1168:2005
NSAI Cert Milford Aggregates & Mortar Aggs for Mortar EN13139:2002 Mortar EN 998-2:2016 Aggregates EN 13242:2002    
NSAI Cert Kilcarrig Certificate of Conformity 2023 Certificate of Conformity 2024      
Material Safety Rock Sand and Gravel Aggregates Concrete Blocks      
Milford Quarries Site Mix Mortar Daily Mixer Cleaning