Precast Water Troughs

Precast Water Troughs
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Precast Water Troughs 300, 150 & 80 Gallon

Reinforced – Made from extremely durable high-strength agricultural special concrete, steel mesh and high-performance polymer fibres with tapered walls to promote vertical displacement of ice.

Bung – Each trough includes a 75mm tapered Bung.

Drainage outlet – The large 65mm drainage outlet located on the side of the tank facilitates quick drainage during cleaning operations it also allows the trough to remain drained over the winter months if outside with less chance of blocking than standard-size drainage outlets.


Ballcocks – Each trough includes a ballcock to control water flow.

Header tank – Designed to sit centrally on the tank using a tongue and groove system to prevent horizontal movement but promotes vertical movement due to ice expansion.

Compatibility – The same header tank will fit the 80-gallon and 150-gallon trough. 300-gallon trough requires a different center and lid which is supplied with the unit.

Header tank lid – Offers protection to ballcock from mechanical damage but allows easy access if required.

Precast Water Troughs 300, 150 & 80 Gallon

80 Gallon

Dimensions Width Depth Height
mm 1635 905 380
inch 64 35 15
weight (kg) 480

150 Gallon

Dimensions Width Depth Height
mm 1630 905 620
inch 76 35 24
weight (kg) 800

300 Gallon

Dimensions Width Depth Height
mm 2300 1280 750
inch 90 50 29
weight (kg) 1200

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