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Kilcarrig produces superior ground limestone products which cater for all soil types. We are one of the few producers of Department of Agricultural-approved Gro-Lime in the Leinster area who can offer an option of either High Magnesium or High Calcium Lime. We offer collection and delivery or delivered and spread in the greater Leinster area. Both Limes have a High T.N.V and are a cost-effective solution to improving your soil condition.

Benefits of liming land


Soil Testing

Know your soil fertility so you can plan your fertilizer.

The cost of soil sampling is low relative to the cost of fertilizer and lime.

The addition of lime helps to release soil nutrients. Fertility and manure cannot be fully effective if the land is short of line.


Soil acidity effects

Low pH reduces fertilizer efficiency.

Target pH for grasslands 6.3

Target pH for tillage 6.5


Benefits of liming land

Lime encourages microorganisms in the soil.

it helps to release nitrogen from organic matter.

Increases earthworm activity, Which improves soil structure and assists the survival of clover bacteria.


Soil low in magnesium (mg)

Treat Mg deficient soil with magnesium Limestone when the limit is necessary to correct soil acidity for example 5t/ha magnesium limestone can supply 750-1,000kg Mg O. This will prevent Mg deficiency for 3-5 years.

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New Product - High Magnesium Carbonate Agri-Lime

This quality product contains Magnesium Carbonate and Calcium Carbonate, the combination of both Mg and Ca is good to improve the root structure of your grass and crops.  Based on analytical work this lime typically has Magnesium Carbonate content of 37% and a Calcium Carbonate content of 60%. This combination produces a lime with an effective and improved pH correction potential.

Magnesium is essential for many plant functions. Some of them are: 

-Photosynthesis: Mg is the central element of the chlorophyll molecule

-Carrier of Phosphorus in the plant

-Magnesium is both an enzyme activator and a constituent of many enzymes

-Sugar synthesis

-Plant oil and fat formation

-Starch translocation

-Nutrient uptake control

Dolomitic Agri-Lime

Kilcarrig Quarries produce a Quality Dolomitic Agri-Lime Product from our Quality Limestone source, which can be used to reduce the acidity problems of your soil.

This Dolomitic Lime differs from normal Limestone in that it contains high levels of Magnesium as well as high levels of Calcium. It is used to supply both elements and is a very effective neutralizing agent.

Due to its high content of Calcium Carbonate, Lime and hi-Cal lime have both a shiny white colour. Instead, Dolomite is recognized by its very light brown colour which is the feature of its high magnesium content.

Based on analytical work this Lime typically has a Magnesium Carbonate content of 37% and a Calcium Carbonate content of 60%. This combination produces a Lime with an effective and improved pH correction potential.

Both high Calcium and Dolomitic Lime are an economical methods to achieve the required soil pH which in turn saves money on costly fertilizers.

Correct soil pH status will improve soil nutrient availability and maximise the return from each kg of applied N, P, K fertilizers. (Teagasc)

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