Sand & Aggregates

Sand & Aggregates
Products / Aggregates, Chippings and Sands

Kilcarrig Quarries produce a wide variety of High-Quality Sands for the Construction Industry, Horticultural Industry and other Sports Facilities. Kilcarrig produces an option of different sand, standard sand and white-coloured sand. Our standard sands produced are Washed Coarse Building Sand for general construction, Washed Plastering Sand for rendering Washed Mortar Sand for laying blocks and Washed Paving Sand.

High Quality Sands for the Construction


  • Washed Plastering Sand
  • Washed Coarse Sand
  • Washed Mortar Sand
  • Washed White Mortar Sand
  • Washed White Plastering Sand
  • Horse Arena Sand
    All Weather Sand


  • ¾” Aggregate
  • ½” Aggregate

Traditional Lime Dash

  • ¼” Traditional Lime Dash
  • ⅜” Traditional Lime Dash

Our standard sands produced are Washed Coarse Building Sand for general construction, Washed Plastering Sand for render, Washed Mortar Sand for laying blocks and Washed Paving Sand. Kilcarrig also manufactures sand suitable for natural stonework and restoration of traditional stone-constructed buildings. Our white-coloured sands produced are Washed White Mortar Sand for laying blocks and bricks. Washed White Plastering Sand for Render and White Horse Arena Sand while we also supply sand to sports facilities eg all weather facilities. All sands produced are washed and graded to ensure a consistent and well-graded quality product. If you have a requirement for a sand product we are confident we have a suitable solution to meet your needs.

Kilcarrig produce a grade of pre-blended aggregate which is suitable for batch mixing concrete on site. This pre-blend product is available in two max aggregate sizes ¾” and ½”. This blend of aggregate contains high-quality processed material allowing consistent production of concrete from the smallest quantity to more extensive sized elements. As with all Kilcarrig bulk products we offer convenient 1-tonne bags available for delivery or collection as well as the usual constructed.

Equestrian-Hores Arena Sand
Equestrian Horse Arena Sand

Traditional Lime Dash

Kilcarrig produces a Traditional Lime Dash in two grades ¼ and ⅜ that consists of a specific blend of washed and graded sand and chippings. This product is pan-mixed in an automated plant which ensures a consistent quality product. The use of quality Aggregate and Hydrated Lime when mixed in this manner and allowed to pre-sour results in an end product that benefits the end user, by both reduced labour and a finished product that is consistent and aesthetically pleasing. Available for collection or delivery in tonne bags and bulk loads.

ESB Thermal Sound

ESB spec sand is used for joint bays, cable surround, bedding, electrical and ESB cables, single and double joint bay boxes, cable ducting and joint backfill.

  1. Thermal sand that packs in around cables easily.
  2. Free-flowing thermal sand surrounds the cables effortlessly.
  3. It is a fine-grained washed sand.
  4. Conducts heat away from the cables to ensure maximum performance.
  5. Our ESB spec sand is tested and approved by ESB networks.
  6. Thermal sand is now approved for use on ESB projects for.


To become an approved supplier the thermal sand must meet 3 main criteria:

  1. It shall have no sharp stones or flints (may damage the cable sheath during compaction).
  2. At least 95% shall pass a 4 mm sieve and 100% shall pass a 8 mm sieve.
  3. The fully dried sample @ 0% moisture shall have a maximum thermal resistivity of 2.7 K.m/W. This test must be completed by the thermal needle probe method as outlined in ASTM D5334. The thermal resistivity @ 2% moisture shall also be recorded.
Pipe end surrounded by Sand
Thermal Sand fixture

Irish Water Spec Gravel

Kilcarrig Quarries supplies:

Approved Irish Water Spec Pea Gravel (4/10mm)

  • Used for pipe bedding and backfill
  • Washed clean stone
Close-up of pipe surrounded by Pea Gravel
Irish Water Spec 4-10mm Pea gravel