Horse Arena Sand

Horse Arena Sand
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Sand is the most important ingredient for an equestrian surface. Here at Kilcarrig Quarries, we offer a high-quality natural Granitic Quartz sand, our sand is washed using Cyclonic Technology which keeps our sand particles natural while removing Silt.

Our equestrian sand tends to be Angular to sub-rounded which help to:

Natural unwashed sand contains variable levels of Silt as it is a naturally occurring material. Over time Silt can accumulation in drainage pipes which in time can lead to ponding of water. Our equestrian sand is not a limestone based sand which makes it resistant to weathering and will last longer in an arena footing. Our sand is silica free which helps to reduce airborne particles.

Advantage   Aid moisture retention

Advantage   Provides Good drainage

Advantage   Lessens compaction and provides traction

Granitic / Quartz / Sand
Equestrian / Horse Arena Sand

Particle size mm % Passing
6 100.0
4 100.0
3 100.0
2 94.5
1 81.1
0.5 62.5
0.25 30.9
0.125 13.2
0.63 0.6

Crumb Rubber for Equestrian Arena

Safety for Horses and Riders

  • Safety for horses: By giving cushion and taking the deadness out of the surface, Crumb rubber reduces the destruction of soft tissue, bones and joints and wear and tear to their bodies.
  • Safety for riders: The soft surface absorbs impact and reduces the risk of injury to riders in the event of a fall.
  • Secure and consistent footing for horses results in increased performance.

Hard wearing in all weathers

  • Durable: Hard-wearing particles won’t wear down or disappear into the sand so prevents deterioration of the surface.
  • Wet weather: Free draining in wet weather.
  • Wind: Reduces sand loss due to wind erosion.
  • Freezing: The insulation qualities give an all-weather surface – 4 inches of crumb rubber will stop freezing as low as minus 10 degrees.
  • Dry weather: Retains moisture in the underlying sand.
  • Bacteria: Crumb rubber can help reduce bacterial growth.
Crumb Rubber for Equestrian Arena
Crumb Rubber for Equestrian Arena
Equestrian-Hores Arena Sand with Crumb Rubber

Carpet Fibres for Equestrian Arena

Safety for Horses and Riders

The high-quality fibres encourage the retention of important moisture and provide excellent stability; allowing the horse to travel freely over the surface, rather than riding through it.

Fibres help with Shock Absorption Reduced Penetration Increased Traction.

Carpet Fibre binds with the sand giving it the ability to absorb impact that emulates turf, this in return ensures the risk of the jarring to the horses is minimal.