Bagged Products

Bagged Products
Products / Aggregates, Chippings and Sands

Kilcarrig Quarries produce a wide range of bag products in 20kg and 1 tonne bags. All our products are CE Marked and tested accordingly. We supply a range of dried sand and pre-blended powder products in 20kg bags, Sand, Mortar mix and Render mix.

Our Mortar mix and Render mix bags which are ideal for the smaller quantity jobs for renovation or repair with no need to buy each constituent material, sand, cement, plasticiser etc. These 20kg pre-blended powder product bags, you only need to just add the required amount of water to achieve a superb high quality workable Mortar or Render.

We supply tonne bags in the following Stone


6mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm Crushed Limestone

14mm Dolomitic Limestone Chippings

⅜” , ½”, ¾”, Round & Crushed Sandstone

½”, ¾”, Coloured Stone

2/6.3mm (¼”) Pea Gravel


2″ Round Drainage Stone

CL505 Drainage Material

2″ Washed Drainage Stone

2″ Clean or Down Crushed Rock

3″ Clean or Down Crushed Rock


4″ Clean or Down Crushed Rock

CL 804 (SR 21) Granular Fill

Washed Coarse Sand

Washed Plastering Sand

Washed Mortar Sand


Washed Paving Sand

Washed White Mortar Sand

Washed White Plastering Sand

Horse Arena Sand

All Weather Facilities Sand


Traditional Lime Wet Dash (pre-soured) ⅜” , ¼”

We supply tonne bags in the following Sands:

  • Building Sand
  • Render Sand
  • Mortar Sand
  • Horse Arena Sand and All Weather Sand

All our bag materials are available for delivery or collection.

  • Tonne Bags
  • 20kg Bags
2" Clean Limestone